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23 Jun, 2017

Type in your webpage's url to enter the lottery draw for today.


What is WebpageLottery?

How it works?

It is as simple as lottery. You just need to submit your web page's url and you get a chance to win the lottery.

What do I pay? And what do I win?

What you pay is to visit today's winning web page. And what you win is all the traffic to your website for the day.

What do I need to do in order to enter the lottery for today?

Just submit the url you want to promote below, and you will be send to the today's winning webpage.

How many time can I submit my web page?

You are allowed to submit only one url per day.

Are all websites permitted?

No. Websites with pornography, obscene or defamatory content will be removed and banned permanently. Oh, and no affiliate link please.

How often does the lottery draw take place?

The lottery draw takes place every night at server time12:00 AM.

If I win today, what are my changes to win again tomorrow?

The winning web page is selected through a random algorithm. Every draw is independent of previous results.

What can I do to increase the jackpot?

Spread the word. The more people submit the bigger the jackpot will get. Use the social sharing buttons on the page to tell your buddies about this website.

What is the philosophy of this site?

Even though your small website only blogs about what you eat everyday during lunch, you deserve an equal chance to let the world know about your website.

Please note is the first and original traffic lottery site. Support us. Support originality.


Total Submissions: 46122
Biggest Jackpot: 208


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